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Updating :3 // Posted On: 06/01/14 02:51AM


As you can see, I've finally gotten around to updating the website again. :3 I'm sorry about that. I've disabled affiliation until I have things under control and start updating  again. For now, I am going to work on adding more content and all that good stuff before I worry about affiliates! I have this old news script installed, but hopefully I can put up wordpress soon!

The design has changed and I added Lightning Returns FMV Screenshots. Yay! :D It's a nice little update and a start. I'll need to redo all the images on the site and reupdate the galleries to the new design. It'll take a while, but I'm more focused on actually adding new content. Lightning Returns comes out next month, so expect new content for it as soon as I get the game!

Weekly Update // Posted On: 23/03/13 11:26PM


A few more updated on the Final Fantasy 13-2 Fragments Guide.  I also added the song lyrics page. Pathetic update, I know, but more is coming soon! :D; (I got my copy of Hyperdimension Neptunia victory! So cute! :D <3 Especially the two lunch tins! >w< )

Updates to FF13-2 and... omgwtfbbq Drakengard 3! // Posted On: 14/03/13 02:41AM


For updates, I've added several pages to the FF13-2 Fragments Guide. Not a huge update, but I plan on finishing this up in the next week or so. :3

And of course, if you haven't already heard, there is going to be a Drakengard 3 :D (my dream come true!) so, this website will of course have coverage for it. I know, I know, I don't have coverage for the previous 2 on here yet, but maybe someday! I'll be uploading all current scans/screenshots/videos and whatever as they come out to a Drakengard 3 section. I will get this up over the weekend!

Hmm.... finally? // Posted On: 10/03/13 12:18AM


Here I am, finally updating the website! :D I just couldn't get myself to clean up and update the website, after so long, until I made a new design. That.... took some time. I have a 5 month old daughter now, so time is pretty precious! She's at her grandma's for the weekend, so I decided to make a design! Updating will be easy now, but making a design? I'm not creative these days, so it took a lot to get myself to do it!

Things to note include:

- I removed the affiliates because I have no clue if they still have me added. xD If you still want to affiliate, just fill out the affiliation form and I'll add you back within 1-2 days. Speaking of which... I'm sure there were affiliation requests that went unanswered. :/ I'm sorry! Try to understand a lot was going on in my life, but things are settled now. Just re-send your request, if you want, and I'll get to it... chop! chop!

- I won't post about my updates EVERY day, but every Wednesday I'll post here to tell what content I've added to the site. This helps organize it a bit and helps keep the front page from being too cluttered.

- I will be fixing things up. I will be integrating a navigation to allow easy flow between sections in the avatars/artwork/wallpaper, etc. I'll also upload submission forms for those sections. If you want to submit some pretties (pllllleaaaase! :3!!), come back soon! :D

- I'll update the main indexes for games... soon. They're so ugly!! >w< And they lack information!