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Shatter Heart Persona 3 Elizabeth's Requests

Quests are given to you from Elizabeth in the Velvet Room. These quests reward you with a variety of useful items and yen. Usually, these quests can only be done in a certain timeframe, so complete them as quickly as possible to get your rewards!

These quests open up on April 30th. This list is for the FES version of the game.

Remember, if Elizabeth is asking you to find an item, chances are the monster will not drop it unless you have claimed the request.

Request 1 - Beetle Shell

Elizabeth wants you to retrieve one Bettle Shell for her. You can get this item from Grave Bettles on floors 6 though 15.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
12,000 yen5/07**

Request 2 - Retrieve the first old document

Make it to floor 16 of Tartarus and open the chest for the item.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Bead Chain5/07*

Request 3 - I'd like to sip a Muscle Drink

Obtain a Muscle Drink. These can usually be found in chests.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
3x Revival BeadNone*

Request 4 - Retrieve 3 Old Lanterns

Visit floors 17 through 25 and fight Phantom Mages to get this item.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
31,000 yen6/06**

Request 5 - Retrieve the second old document

Make it to floor 30. Grab the item from the chest.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Balm of Life6/06*

Request 6 - Create Jack Frost with Dia

Fuse Personas so that Jack Frost has Dia. Use a low-level Persona who starts out with Dia.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x High-Cut Armornone***

Request 7 - Retrieve one Lead Medal

Find the Wealth Hand, who drops this item. Wealth Hand can be found on the first block. He comes in the form of a golden shadow.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Toy Bownone***

Request 8 - Create Valkyrie with Tarukaja

Use a low level Persona, such as Forneus, to fuse Valkyrie with the Tarukaja skill.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Torn Black Clothnone***

Request 9 - Retrieve 5 Bronze Figurines

Visit floors 41 through 46 and find the Bronze Dice shadows.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Sigma Drive7/5**

Request 10 - Retrieve 3 Snake Scales

Look for the Lustful Snake shadows in the second block of Tartarus.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
46,000 yen7/5***

Request 11 - Retrieve the third old document

Make it to floor 64 of Tartarus and open the chest for the item.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
3x Traesto Gem7/5*

Request 12 - Retrieve one Goggle-eyed Idol

Obtain two turqoise from Tartarus then visit the antique shop inside of the mall. Create a Goggle-eyed Idol here.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Bladefistnone*

Request 13 - Retrieve the Shell of a Man

The lab in the school will be unlocked when you accept this request, so go there and get the item.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Land Badgenone***

Request 14 - Retrieve one Steel Medal

Find the Treasure Hand shadow in the second block. He is a special golden shadow.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Spiked Batnone***

Request 15 - Create Oberon

Create Oberon, a level 17 Persona.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
3x Coin of Knightnone**

Request 16 - Bring me Strong Medicine

Get either sick or tired then visit the nurse's office. Do not drink the medicine. Not drinking the medicine makes the nurse hand it to you.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
3x Amrita Waternone***

Request 17 - I'd like some Funky School Music

Visit the PA room in your school.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Bus Stop Signnone***

Request 18 - Retrieve 5 Relic Fragments

Visit floors 65 through 77. Find Creation Relics shadows. They drop the item.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
35x Medical Powder8/4*

Request 19 - Retrieve 3 Greasy Gears

Find the Wild Drives shadows on the third block.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
70,000 yen8/4**

Request 20 - Retrieve the fourth old document

Make it to floor 89 and open the treasure chest.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
3x Balm of Life8/4*

Request 21 - Retrieve 1 Bronze Medal

Find the Supreme Hand shadow in the third block. This shadow will appear as a golden shadow.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Steel Pipenone***

Request 22 - Create Vetala with Maragi

Fuse Vetala so that he has the Maragi skill. An example of a Persona you may use to do this is Pyro Jack.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Sugar Keynone***

Request 23 - Create Orthus with Dodge Slash

Fuse the Persona Orthus with the Dodge Slash ability.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Tigerhide Beltnone***

Request 24 - Retrieve 5 Tiara's Hair

Visit floors 102 through 133 and look for the Shouting Tiaras shadow.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Attack Mirror9/3*

Request 25 - Retrieve 4 Knight's Reins

Look for the Champion Knights shadows in the third block.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Six-shot9/3**

Request 26 - Retrieve the fifth old document

Make it to floor 114 and open the chest.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
120,000 yen9/3*

Request 27 - Retrieve 1 Platinum Watch

Purchase a Platinum Watch from the accessory shop. You must be level 26 or higher.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
6x Chewing Soulnone***

Request 28 - I'd like a drink that shares me name

Visit the bar of Port Island Station. Go downstairs and ask for the drink you desire. You must have maximum charm for this to work.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Aroundightnone***

Request 29 - Create Oumitsunu

Create the Persona Oumitsunu.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Machine Corenone***

Request 30 - Retrieve 1 Homunculus

You can buy this from the antique shop or find it in special chests inside Tartarus.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
4x Precious Eggnone**

Request 31 - Find me a Beautiful Tile

Visit the Port Island Station bar and order a Queen Elizabeth drink. This request requires maximum courage.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Berserker's Soulnone***

Request 32 - Retrieve 1 Silver Medal

Visit the fourth block and find the golden Opulent Hand shadow.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Bonenone***

Request 33 - Retrieve 5 Empress's Mirrors

Visit floors 126 through 138 and defeat the Elegant Mothers shadows.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Soma10/2*

Request 34 - Retrieve 3 Gold Handguards

Find Haukuro Mushas in the fourth block of Tartarus. Defeat them to get the item.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
200,000 yen10/2**

Request 35 - Retrieve the 6th old document

Make it to floor 139. Open the chest to get it.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
5x Bead10/2*

Request 36 - Create Black Frost

Fuse Personas to create Black Frost.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Wizard's Marknone***

Request 37 - Bring me 3 Jack Frost Dolls

Where do you find Jack Frost Dolls? Well, play the crane game when you can get the Jack Frost dolls! You have to keep playing until you win 3 of them.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
4x Umugi Waternone***

Request 38 - I'd like to try sushi

Get her some sushi at the Naganaki Shrine. Visit the offer box. You have to have maxed Academics to get the sushi.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Scrub Brushnone****

Request 39 - Retrieve 3 Gold Rings

Visit floors 151 through 159 and fight the Wondrous Magi shadows.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
340,000 yen11/1**

Request 40 - Retrieve 2 Red Armor Plates

Visit the fourth block of Tartarus and find the Scarlet Turret shadows.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Spirit Bracer11/1***

Request 41 - Retrieve the seventh old document

Make it to floor 164 and open the chest.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Soma11/1*

Request 42 - Create Girimehkala

Create the Persona Girimehkala.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Marionettenone****

Request 43 - Create Daisoujou

Create the Persona Daisoujou.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Space Badgenone****

Request 44 - Retrieve 6 Pink Feathers

Visit floors 181 through 190 and locate the Gracious Cupids shadow.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Berserker's Seal11/30****

Request 45 - Retrieve 3 Moon Tablets

Defeat the Ruinous Idols shadows in the fifth block.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Space Badge11/30**

Request 46 - Retrieve the last old document

Make it to floor 214 and open the chest.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
650,000 yen12/29*

Request 47 - Retrieve 2 Gold Medals

Defeat the Luxury Hands shadows in the fifth block. They are gold shadows.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Rocket Punchnone***

Request 48 - Create Alice with Megido

Create the Persona Alice with the Megido skill.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Lily Petalnone****

Request 49 - Retrieve 3 Sand of Time

Visit floors 202 through 210 and defeat the Perpetual Sands shadows.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Charun's Hammer12/29***

Request 50 - Retrieve 3 Rainbow Hairs

Defeat the Daring Gigases shadows in the fifth block.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Omega Drive12/29**

Request 51 - Create Lilith with Mabufudyne

Fuse Lilith so that she has the Mabufudyne skill.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Sacrificial Idolnone****

Request 52 - Create Loki and level him to 63

Create the Persona Loki and get him to level 63.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Masakadosnone****

Request 53 - Retrieve 1 Bloody Button

You cannot do this request until it appears in January, during the last parts of the game. You have to wait for death to show up inside of Tartatus. So, just wait around and wait for him to attack. You must defeat him to finish this request. Death is pretty difficult, so you should only do this request if you are high level and have good skills and Personas.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
5,000,000 yennone*****

Request 54 - Retrieve 3 Platinum Medals

Defeat the Glorious Hand shadows in the sixth block. These appear as golden shadows.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Jack's Glovesnone****

Request 55 - Defeat the Ultimate Opponent

This is a bit tricky. You must be on a New Game+ to do this. After, you have to have the hero by himself with no party. He must climb to the top of Monad by himself and defeat this boss on his own.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Omnipotent Orbnone*****

Request 56 - I'd like to visit Paulowina Mall

Take Elizabeth out to the mall!
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Small Cheongsam5/7*

Request 57 - I'd like to visit Iwatodai Station

Take Elizabeth out to Iwatodai Station!
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Blue Scale7/5*

Request 58 - I'd like to visit Naganaki Shrine

Take Elizabeth out to the shrine!
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Book of Ancients9/3*

Request 59 - I'd like to visit Gekkoukan High

Take Elizabeth out to your school.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Red Muffler11/30*

Request 60 - I'd like to visit your room

Take Elizabeth out to your dorm room!
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Rainbow Feathernone*

Request 61 - Perform Cadenza

Perform the fusion skill Cadenza. This uses Asparas and Orpheus.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
5x Agilao Gemnone*

Request 62 - Perform Jack Brothers

This uses Pyro Jack and Jack Frost.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
5x Bufula Gemnone*

Request 63 - Perform Justice

This uses Angel and Archangel.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
5x Garula Gemnone*

Request 64 - Perform Frolic

This uses Pixie and Narcissus.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
5x Bead Chainnone*

Request 65 - Perform Thunder Call

This uses Take-Mikazuchi and Thor.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Shock Magatamanone***

Request 66 - the King and I

This uses Black Frost and King Frost.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x S Outfit Mainnone***

Request 67 - Perform Best Friends This uses Forneus and Decabaria.

RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Summer Outfit Yukarinone***

Request 68 - Perform Summer Dream

This uses Oberon and Titania.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Summer Outfit Junpeinone***

Request 69 - Perform Dreamfest/td>

This uses Incubus and Succubus.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Summer Outfit Akihikonone***

Request 70 - Perform Scarlet Havoc

This uses Ares and Siegfried. *note, Siefriend requires maximum Strength Social Link.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Summer Outfit Junpeinone***

Request 71 - Perform Valhalla

This uses Valkyrie and Odin. You need to have thw maximum Emperor Social Link to create Odin.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Winter Outfit Mainnone***

Request 72 - Perform Shadow Hound

This uses Chu Chulainn and Scathach. This takes the maximum Priestess Social Link.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Winter Outfit Yukarinone***

Request 73 - Perform Raktapaksha

This uses Garuda and Gurr.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Winter Outfit Junpeinone***

Request 74 - Perform Last Judge

This uses Metatron and Mithra. This takes the maximum Aeon Social Link.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Winter Outfit Akihikonone***

Request 75 - Perform Trickster

This uses Susano-o and Loki. This takes the maximum Fool Social Link.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Winter Outfit Mitsurunone***

Request 76 - Perform Infinity

This uses Vishnu and Ananta.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Winter Outfit Kennone***

Request 77 - Perform Ardhanari

This uses Parvati and Shiva.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Winter Outfit Aegisnone***

Request 78 - Perform Armageddon

This uses Satan and Helel. This takes the maximum Star Social Link.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Plume of Dusknone****

Request 79 - Bring me a Sengoku-era Helm

After you get this request, visit the Faculty Office at the high school. Keep going every day after school until you get the helmet.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
5x Bead Chainnone***

Request 80 - I'd like to try Oden Juice

When you visit Kyoto, purchase every single drink from all vending machines. Afterwards, trade the drinks to a girl at the high school to obtain Oden Juice.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
3x Gale Magtamanone***

Request 81 - Bring me Food Fit for a Wolf

Speak to Koromaru on 11/12.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Flame Magatama11/30**

Request 82 - Please go scrub the bathroom

Complete a previous request to get a Scrub Brush, then visit Port Island Station and clean the bathroom on the top level.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Yukari Maid Outfitnone****

Request 83 - Please go water the flowers

Complete request 59 then visit the roof after school. Water the flowers behind the guy on the bench.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Mitsuru Maid Outfitnone****

Request 84 - Please go find the missing person

Buy 20 Cielo Mist sodas from the vending machine inside of the dorm. Visit the Port Island Station and give them to the girl right next to the theater.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Aegis Maid Outfitnone***

Request 85 - Please go feed the cat

Buy some Super Cat Food from the mall's pharmacy then visit the alley in Port Island Station. Find the cat a feed him. You'll need to feed him every other day for several days.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
2x Agility Sutranone**

Request 86 - Bring me a Featherman figure

Speak to Ken on 11/21 to get it.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Frigid Magatama11/30**

Request 87 - Bring me a Juzumaru

Visit the 4th and 11th floors of Tartarus and look for gold chests.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Cup of Knightnone****

Request 88 - Bright me an Onimaru Kunitsuna

Visit the 69th, 74th and 82nd floor. Look for gold chests here to find the item.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Sword of Kingnone****

Request 89 - Bring me a Mikazuki Munechika

Visit floors 118th, 128th and 132nd. Look for the gold chests here to find the item.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
2x Cup of Kingnone****

Request 90 - Bring me an Outenta Mitsuyo

Visit floors 142nd, 150th, and 156th. Look for gold chests with the item in it.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
3x Wand of Kingnone****

Request 91 - Bring me Myohou Muramasa

Visit Monad. Look for gold chests on floors 3 through 8.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
2x Somanone****

Request 92 - Bring me Pine Resin

Speak to Yukari on 5/2.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
2x Purifying Rice5/7**

Request 93 - Bring me a handheld game system

Speak to Junpei on 5/14 at your dorm.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
2x Curse Paper6/6**

Request 94 - Bring me a triangular sword

Speak to Mitsuru on 5/26.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
2x Protection Sutra6/6**

Request 95 - Bring me a protein not for the pros

Speak to Akihiko on 6/16.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
2x Fierce Sutra7/5****

Request 96 - Bring me something to wipe glasses

Speak to Ikutsuki on 6/20.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
42,000 yen7/5**

Request 97 - Bring me a Christmas star

Speak to Fuuka on 6/27.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Megido Gem7/5**

Request 98 - Bring me a fruit knife

Speak to Shinjiro on 9/17.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
1x Nihil Spear10/2**

Request 99 - Bring me oil

Speak to Aegis on 10/1.
RewardDue DateDifficulty/Level
3x Magic Mirror10/2**