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Shatter Heart Persona 3 FES Version Walkthrough October 2009

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October 1, 2009:
- Stay up in class for +Academics.

October 3, 2009:
- Stay up in class for +Academics.

October 4, 2009:
- You stay home to conserve your strength.
- Cutscenes.
- Ken and Shinjiro are missing! They cannot be used in battle tonight.
- Two shadows to fight.

So, at first glance, this battle may seem hard because of the darn wheel, but really, it's not. It's simple, easy, and a breeze to get through once you know what you're doing. Of course, this "Wheel of Fortune" thing is annoying, and gets even more annoying as the battle goes on, but really, get the timing right and you'll blast through this.

For the wheel, press X in the end of a red area [Right before blue] so it will stop on blue. Red bad for you. Blue is good. If this doesn't work, keep trying and trying, until you get the timing right. Practice makes perfect! If done right, you can inflict some nasty stat effects on Strength which will make the battle quite a bit easier. If the stat effects are inflcited on your own party, just use the proper items/skills to heal them.

You can only attack one of the two personas at first - the one not using the wheel, also known as Strength. Strength will use several different skills. It uses heatwave, which Mitsuru is sadly weak to. It can also use a few stat effect skills and some physical attacks, but it should not cause a problem.

After Strength is defeated, you'll be able to attack Fortune. This will be a breeze. Sure, the wheel will become more inbalanced [again, you can easily time it to your advantage, though] but the boss itself is easy. It usually just uses the Wheel of Fortune, but sometimes it can use skills like magarudyne. That's probably what it will use most often if not doing the wheel.

October 5th, 2009:
- There are cutscenes today.

October 6th, 2009:
- Cutscenes in the evening
- Cutscenes during the Dark Hour

October 9th, 2009:
- Mr. Takenozuka talks in class about nothing that matters, but if you stay awake you get +Academics

October 10th, 2009:
- Stay up in class for +Academics
- You can walk Koromaru with Ken tonight

October 12th, 2009:
- Health and Sports day. No school.

October 13th, 2009:
- 2nd Semester Midterms begin.
- Question in class: What is the number one source of stress for women? - Husbands

October 14th, 2009:
- Question in class: Who founded numerology? - 3rd option

October 15th, 2009:
- Question in class: What is superconductivity? - Zero electrical Resistance

October 16th, 2009:
- Question in class: The Ohnin War was one of two inadents that triggered the Segoku era. Which was the other? - Pick the 3rd option

October 17th, 2009:
- Last day of the exams!

October 19th, 2009:
- Exam results posted.
- Answer in class: 14

October 20th, 2009:
- Cutscenes in the morning
- Cutscenes during lunch

October 22nd, 2009:
- Question in class: Natto comes from soybeans too, but how is it made? - By fermenting them.

October 23rd, 2009:
- Question in class: Who was the founder of Theosophy, which gave rise to many magical societies? - Madam Blaratsky

October 24th, 2009:
- Cutscenes after school

October 26th, 2009:
- Answer in class: Wristwatches

October 27th, 2009:
- Cutscenes during the Dark Hour

October 29th, 2009:
- Answer in class: Lactose

October 20th, 2009:
- Stay awake in class for +Academics. (Mr. Edogawa talks about Summon Magic in 'better video games' :p)